What our customers say about us

What our customers say about us

"As a small trader, I have been working with Hotsun & Co for some time now and I have to say I am delighted with the high quality service provided. Their expertise has been invaluable."

Sharon Zak

"Hotsun & Co have provided accountancy and taxation advice to our company and we have always found the firm to be responsive, efficient and effective in terms of our business needs. They continue to be a trusted contributor in our strategic planning."

Willi Blackmore

"I used Hotsun & Co to advise me when I needed to write my Will and they thought of everything, right down to the last detail. They are extremely professional and sympathetic in all that they do. As a result , my Estate Planning is now completely in order, in a cost-effective and elegant way."

Reg Peck

"We now have a written strategic business plan in place, fully funded and up and running. Thanks to Hotsun & Co, who facilitated everything, we are now ahead of budget and armoured for trading through these tough and turbulent times."

Joseph Lapping

"As a private investor, my personal finances were in a mess, to say the least! The people at Hotsun & Co to totally took control and sorted everything out for me in double quick time. I'm delighted to testify that no job or customer is too small for this company."

Melissa Asprey

"When setting up my own bakery business, I sought advice from Hotsun & Co. They made me aware of the many pitfalls I could encounter and set me on the road to deal with revenues, stock control, credit control, balance sheets, etc. Without this invaluable advice, given in layman's terms, I am sure my business would not have flourished."

Emily Connelly

"Having been on the receiving end of their debt collecting service, I can assure you, even with my new trainers on, they soon caught up with me and I paid up immediately."

Stephen Waller